The Big Blue BBQ

January 22, 2022

4:00pm - 8:00pm

The Concourse Rotary Pavilion

The Big Blue BBQ is an exciting fundraising party to benefit Pasco County law enforcement personnel and their families.

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The Big Blue BBQ Music

When ladies rock, they ROCK. We are WOR (Women of Rock), local to the Florida and  dedicated to honoring those Women of Rock by playing hit after from the likes of Benatar, Heart, Nicks, Morissette, Jett, The Cranberries and many more. Rock out to combination of powerful vocals driven by a cranking 6 piece band group of talented musicians Aimée Lewis: Lead Vocals Alicia Stromsness: Keyboard, Vocals Juan Arocho: Lead Guitar Manuel Araujo: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Adrian Zvarych: Bass Guitar Ron Baerwitz: Drums

WOR (Women of Rock) presented by Chasing Talent & Production.

Meet The 2020 Recipient

Back in March, Daniel was playing with his 3 children when an attempted high kick left him with back pain and what was thought to be a back injury. He was seen by a chiropractor as well as his primary care physician. Physical therapy was ordered multiple times a week. As time progressed, so did the pain, until it became unbearable. Daniel ended up losing mobility, leading to an evening trip to the emergency room in late April. This trip would be life altering. Daniel was diagnosed with stage 3 type C non-seminoma testicular cancer. The incredible doctors at the hospitals quickly made arrangements so that he was able to receive chemo within 3 days of initial cancer discovery! The initial admission to Moffitt and week of chemo was difficult, as Daniel suffered a pulmonary embolism that required CPR and placement of an IVC filter. Daniel suffered a couple of fractured ribs from the ordeal, but his mobility was restored and the pain from the mass was completely resolved after his first week of treatment! The family also discovered during this time that they would be welcoming baby #4 into the world in the beginning of January 2021. Daniel completed 4 inpatient stays of 5 days of chemo. The latest scan shows residual cancer in his right groin region, with the largest mass now being 9.7cm x 5.8cm, down from 14.1cm x 11.5cm when first diagnosed. The nodules in his lung have shrunk as well, now measuring 3mm and 4mm, after previously being 1.4cm and 0.7cm. The tumor markers show his HCG is at 2.7 and the AFP at 14. These are down from 4,046 and 11,777! His progress has been nothing short of amazing. The tumor markers will continue to be monitored and as long as there isn’t an increase, he will be able to avoid additional chemo and move onto the needed procedures to remove the residual masses. Daniel is scheduled to have the IVC filter removed on October 5th and will be undergoing retroperitoneal lymph node dissection with excision of right pelvic mass and an orchiectomy on November 3rd. He is expecting to be inpatient with Moffitt after this procedure for another 6 days. This timeline should leave plenty of time for healing before the new baby arrives! Family, friends, hospital staff, and the community have been amazingly supportive of the family during this time, offering stories of inspiration, efforts, gifts, and prayers. The family is extremely grateful for everything and ask for continued prayers as they continue the journey of battling cancer.