The Big Blue BBQ

January 22, 2022

4:00pm - 8:00pm

The Concourse Rotary Pavilion

Thank you to our sponsors, guests, and volunteers
for a successful 2022 event

The Big Blue BBQ is an exciting fundraising party to benefit Pasco County law enforcement personnel and their families.

Event Sponsors

Meet The 2022 Recipient

This year, we work to assist Detention Deputy Sean Sessa with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. Sean was promoted to Corporal about four years ago and is a member of the Inner Perimeter Security Team. Sean is always the go-to guy when there are concerns in the jail with inmates. He always wanted a career in law enforcement and to follow his father and great uncles as police officers. Sean is a devoted single father of two boys, Jaxon nine-year-old and Maddox four-year-old. In December of 2020, Sean continuously cleared his throat, had body aches and fatigue. He assumed it was a cold or sinusitis. During this time a large lump had produced under his right arm pit. On December 3, Sean’s sister and father convinced him to go to the emergency room where he was admitted immediately. After completing a series of tests, the doctor returned and informed Sean and his family that he had cancer. He was later diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lymphoma. The whole family was in shock. Currently, Sean is undergoing chemotherapy at Moffitt. With an aggressive form of cancer, Sean must have a full week of chemo and radiation treatment every three weeks until sometime in April.  The doctors are very positive that Sean’s prognosis will be good and with the grace of God, family, friends and co-workers he will return to work and continue serving the people of Pasco County and watch his sons grow up to become the strong man their father is.